"Tell your story. Tell it on your bruised knees if you must, tell it at the risk of madness, scream it at the top of your lungs." –Andrew Lam

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the one where i talk to my dead grandma


the one where i was a guest blogger

I think a girl getting her period, especially for the first time, is a spiritual experience. a little wacky, huh? i know. but the events in my life have always made me believe so. this post was inspired by one of my favorite books, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. ever since i’ve read it a few years ago, i’ve been interested in the strong symbolism of blood. today my piece, Virgin Faith, is featured on one of my very favorite blogs, The Underground Micaela. I fell in love with her blog the moment i understood what her blog title was all about. Micaela is indeed authentic: not false or copied; genuine; real. And that is what i aim to be, too. Thanks so much for taking the risk to share this piece with your readers. i hope *my* readers check out the rest of her blog, comment, subscribe, admire her blog as much as i do, and join us in the pursuit of authenticity.     http://theundergroundmicaela.com/2012/07/04/virgin-faith/

the one where i feel all tangled and compare myself to kelly canter from Country Strong


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the one where i compare marriage to coffee


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the one where i "just know"


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the one where i write about rehab


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the one where i write about going home. and coming back.

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the one where i talk about my REAL dreams

“so tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -mary oliver

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the one where i talk about my butt

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joyful, joyful 141-168

141. cracking crab legs, butter running down my chin–the way eating can be an experience that is joyful, sexy, messy.
142. good clear test results.
143. Apple Canyon State Park, and my beautiful solace thinking spot by the water
144. crying. fighting. communicating. healing. relief.
145. the warmth, comfort, and realness of a friend’s phone call. instant warmth.
146. a husband who protects me and keep me very grounded.
147. lunch invitations. any invitations. especially from kids. i completely melt.
148. grocery runs with the husband. only for snacks. it makes me feel like we’re teenagers.
149. whispers in church. (but i promise we’re still listening). hearing him sing beside me, that deep richness. the way, so different, we blend. while singing hymns. while doing life together.
150. bluegrass special music nearly every sunday. yes, i’m serious and yes, i know how awesome it is.

151. pops of hot pink.
152. tennis. it’s really fun. i like to pretend i’m venus williams. or serena. or anna kournikova.
153. that euphoric high after a run.
154. the fact that i can actually breathe the air here without suffocating. it’s so much lighter than down south. i keep breathing fully, deeply, and enjoying air that you don’t need a shovel in order to inhale.
155. diet cranberry lime juice. on the rocks. with extra lime.
156. drinking everything in mason jars. all summer long. with a bend-y straw. because it’s fun.

157. lemon water. with lots of lemons.
158. mojitos with sprigs of fresh mint.
159. cooking shows.
160. motivation to organize, try to find employment up here, and write a lot.
161. more LA Family articles coming up. You are the reason why I secured my weekly column, Imperfectly Grand. You rock. Thank you. In my next article (which comes out FRIDAY), i talk about….my butt. gotcha curious, don’t i. if you have any ideas of things i should write about/places i could write for…send anything my way. 🙂
162. the anticipation of getting to see my sister soon. knowing we’ll do crazy interpretive dances and shop for swimsuits and laugh. knowing she’ll fill my sister-time void.
163. seeing my favorite women in the world soon, my soul-friends from Evansville and E.C. and my favorite nephews. 
164. finding Josh’s Eagle Scout essay in the basement while sorting through his junk and reading the part about his future career goals. and the fact that we’re living it, finally. right. now.
165. joyful, joyful we adore thee on a piano played by a six-year-old.
166. a four-year-old wearing her mama’s reading glasses in church. and turning around to look at us.
167. jovie’s shenanigans.

168. all of the shenanigans we’re about to experience in sweet home southern IL.