favorites lately

by melissakiefer

frugal and healthy life goals (see earlier post), MFA feedback (see earlier post), cocoa dusted almonds, smoothies (my current favorite smoothie combo you should try: peanut butter, frozen banana chunks, coconut, vanilla, almond milk, coffee ice cubes, and cocoa—I have no idea how much of any of these ingredients because I do not measure), sunsets and sunrises, walking, vanilla soy milk, a poolside afternoon with sis, reunions and messages from favorite students, life and idea conversations, independent bookstores, bicycles, beautiful weddings where the devotion is so evident (congrats Kristi and Matt), denim cut-offs, healthy grocery shopping, refreshing mint iced tea with blueberries, Murray State University, The Burrito Shack, trying Thai food, creatively brilliant people, workshops, Southern Gothic cocktails, new MFA friends of all ages, my rock star mentor, sipping coffee while sitting on a southern porch, writing motivation, feeling more balanced in life (this one is a huge improvement for me), fresh raspberries, stacks of new books, purposeful homework, our garden, salad socials, girls’ night in, finally reuniting with Josh, reuniting with Jovie and Gracie (my sweet dog children), being with people who help my being