MFA Feedback to Remember

by melissakiefer

I’m great at “capper” sentences. I cap off my paragraphs in a strong and meaningful way, which allows clever transitions into the next paragraphs.

Instead of using fragments because I’m lazy, I need to use those beloved fragments sparingly. I especially should not use several fragments in a row. When explaining thoughts and emotions, I need to intelligently convey what I want to say instead of using those easy-way-out fragments.

Learn to be more observant of places in my writing where I can slow down and expand instead of flying over scenes. Push myself to write longer pieces.

Controversial topics? Don’t go part-way there, dive head-first. Don’t worry about offending. Be a writer. Be a writer. Be a WRITER.

Pick out what is unusual and actually interesting in my pieces. Find ways to complicate and put pressure on the “truths” of my writing. Find ways to turn, tweak, and slant what I think I’m actually trying to say.

Polish. Be solid.  

Don’t worry about big aphorisms to tie the writing together. I naturally sprinkle in small aphorisms, and those small aphorisms are enough.

Think about ways I can use research to add authenticity to my writing.

I’m funnier than I thought, even in pieces that aren’t supposed to be funny. Explore humor.

Experiment with form and style. Occasionally move away from commentary and that first person “I.”

Don’t ever lose my distinct and memorable voice.

Think about my readers. Don’t self-indulge.

Think about order.

Read even more and “study” what I read.