Healthy and Frugal Living Goals

by melissakiefer


Long road trips allow for thinking time. During my seven hour trip north after a two-week visit down south, I realized three major things. One: When I go home, I always indulge in too much southern comfort food and feel gross. Two: I’m in graduate school now, which will put an extra strain on our finances. And, three: I actually want this graduate school experience to be fruitful. I want to write a book and have something tangible to show for the sacrifices we’ve made. I’m posting the following goals on my blog so that I’m held accountable in all of these areas. Because I know myself very well (for example, I love pasta and bread and diet coke and my clothing discount at my favorite boutique), my goals and restrictions are specifically tailored to me.

Diet Goals

No added sugars and no fake-sugar diet cokes.

No pasta, bread, white rice, or white potatoes.

Drink only water, coffee, and tea.

Chips? Only black-bean chips.

Only almond or soy milk at home; only skinny version lattes at cafes.

Eat only low-fat cheeses.

New foods to try: quinoa, tuna, brown rice

Healthy foods I’ve tried and do not like: yogurt and humus

On nights Josh can’t come home for supper, replace supper with a smoothie.

On nights Josh can come home for supper, make more soups and healthy crock pot dishes.

Eat more fish.

Go grocery shopping only twice a month (and on a budget)!

Exercise Goals:

Walk twice a day.

Walk the dogs with Josh.

Once a week, walk with a friend.

Do a workout tape twice a week.

Get back down to 110 lbs. Stay there.

Writing Goals:

Go on a writing retreat (somewhere other than my house) once a week.

Send in my grad school homework packets every month before deadline.

Write a book before I’m 30.


Sleep in bed instead of living room.

Do not buy any new clothes or accessories. Clean out closet and revamp outfit ideas.

Only eat out twice a month.

Take clothes and accessories to consignment shop.

Sell books I do not use or read.

Use up meat in freezer before buying more.

Can and freeze vegetables from our garden.

Make my own oatmeal and granola snacks.

Have coffee and quiet time every morning.

Keep in better touch with my best friends, former students, and family.