joy dare/currently/favorites (basically, things that make me happy happy happy)

by melissakiefer

quiet mornings, a coral vintage-looking dress (and the lovely friend who altered it for me), company, after dinner coffee and hot tea, the gift of books, new songs, progress, cooking for others, gratefulness, moscato d’asti, watching the instincts of a mama dog, the way josh talks to the puppies and made a whelping box, free wine samples in tiny cups at bridal fairs, finding good blogs, wordpress, clean floors, flowering plants, vitamin d, polka dots, sleep—I’m thankful for sleep and for getting enough of it, cleaning out my purse and makeup bag (and replacing with new,un-gunky goods), coconut cream pie from Stella’s, eating there two nights in a row, succulents in random pots and coffee tins, my mini ivy, my African violet,  grandpa Earnie phone calls (I miss him. And grandma Mabel. So much. ), in-law visits, sister visit soon, lobster tails, singing with Josh, Earl Grey, stationary, snail mail, yellow, thoughtfulness, Duck Dynasty (I can’t help it; the show reminds me of home sweet home, jack), puppy kisses, American cherry limeade water (summer in a bottle), puppy photo shoot this weekend, getting the hair chopped off next week (just tired of the heaviness of it), the opportunity to go back to school, cowboy boots, This quote:

“I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self-respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

(Thanks to my sis for sending the Fitzgerald quote). I love Fitzgerald. And I love that the quote made her think of me.   

And this quote:  
“Don’t you get it? She’s the
house! She’s the plain white
shutters, the sparkling glass
windows, and the perfect white
picket fence. She’s the ordinary
stuff. But you…you’re the red
door. And when people come
by, yeah, sure they see the
house. But for some reason, they
always end up looking at the
door. It’s always in the corner of
their eye. You can’t ignore a red
door. And the house is nice, hell,
the house is perfect. But then
there’s that door. It’s almost
painful to look at. You’re the
door.” –Chuck Palahniuk

Always. I’m that bright door. The sore thumb. The mismatch. The memorable. Can you relate? You know how some people have perfect landscaping? I’m the one who would scatter wildflowers. The one who wants to grow something wild and unruly.

My last favorite of this post…

These moments when, in the panic of living, I realize I’m not breathing. Like I’ve been holding breath underwater. And when I come up for air, I have to relearn the rhythm. So I listen. Feel the   



again, again

chest-to-chest, toe-to-toe


transferring the heat of him

the very breath, connected to the oxygen

pulling me back to solid earth.

and holy ground.