by melissakiefer

 the game Buzzword with my family.    hilarious ridiculousness.    snuggling with my sister.
 my niece.    cupcakes.   crosswords with Jen and Mabel.   LPCC. seeing light-filled MEGAN.
Sarah’s soft convicting encouraging words.   chalkboards.     wooden signs.

really good hugs. like this one.
gift boats.
sunflowers.      blog planning sheets.   
when my husband pops in at random places (I have such a crush on him).
 i.d barevitamins skin rev-er upper.    

perk-up artist by Benefit Cosmetics. 
 Ulta.              massage chairs.                  
Savvy Scavengers two dollar nail polish (have you seen their new fall colors?).
 Halloween munch/Autumn Mix (I don’t actually know what it’s called, but I know it’s addicting (peanuts, m&ms, candy corn, mmmm).
 sorting art supplies.         magazines.            fragrant light pink roses.           pink heather.     
 burgundy carnations.           cooking days.          soups.           pepper jack cheese.  
 big sweet purple grapes.                 winks.          sharpies.            compliments.                              
Ricola cough drops.              art journals.              blank canvas.     this autumn lane.
 improving in tap dance (sorta).
seeing homecoming pics from my seniors (I miss you. I’m proud of you. How on earth are you seniors already?).         
 a warm house.      drinkable water.      no mice/spiders.                                                       
The Forest for the Trees by Betsy Lerner.                      Door County Maple coffee.          Jovie hugs.
MFA program research.                 creating special cozy spaces like the attic room of my own.      
hope. HOPE.