loving lately:

by melissakiefer

dance class, stella’s for breakfast afterwards, my map of Maine, coffee rituals, pumpkin flavored anything, the girls who came into the shop to pick out single stems for their grandma, hot apple crisp, reading aloud, the cable-knit sweater Josh bought me in high school that I’ve finally grown into and find perfectly cozy on a day like today, autumn-colored flowers, yellow roses, old barrels, antique picking with annie, new window displays, big chalkboards, weekend writing retreats, new-to-me jazz shoes, rocky road fudge, fascinating people and their fascinating tales, messages from my southern gals, inspiring women, this quote: “blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”– camille pissarro, freshly washed puppy, a northern autumn, drives in the truck with josh and jovie while listening to old country music, introductions to new cafes, feeling alive, discovering, wheat, oval wreaths, glasses, old bottles found in creek/woods, my E-Town coffee sweatshirt, frost on the pumpkin coffee, town traditions, the “M” at Platteville—it stands for Melissa, right?, Wisconsin, crafty shops that inspire me, the SOUTH sign, caramel apples, apple cider, bagels and cream cheese, the scenic route, getting to come along for the ride, pumpkins lined in a row, little-girl pigtails, white pumpkins, dogs, free printables, town traditions, tin cans, old furniture, new ideas, romemary mint, catching-up emails, his hugs, looking forward to our trip home next weekend, great conversations, everything fall, anything outdoors