all the time God is good (joy dare/currently)

by melissakiefer

Watermark music, talks with my mom lately, hazelnut coffeemate, rainy days (sometimes), my two new Anne Made necklaces, my flower shop bosses, awesome affordable finds at savvy scavengers (a new winter coat!), when customers tease me about my southern accent, lemon meringue pie and french silk pie from stella’s, the new shipments of milkhouse candles, the process of reevaluating, popcorn, hugs from my real nephews, hugs from my adopted nephews, grandma Mabel’s warm pecan pie with French vanilla ice cream (umm, do I mention pie a little too much?), making Evansville plans with grandma Mabel, nurseries, the way Josh will talk to his mom until 4 in the morning, the Lord-willing plans to come back home, the future plans, the now—the in-between, feeling calmer finally, apple butter, Alyssa. Case., gifts in the mail (and the sweetest letters) from people who know these deepest parts of my soul, and know. Just know. Baby donkeys, hummingbirds, homes, a loving husband, surprise lunch with my grandma and mom, life chats with my dad (“it’ll be okay, baby, you’re doing great.” Nothing makes it all okay like dad can), K-love and diet coke for the drive, making wedding flower deliveries, creating atmosphere, rearranging, God’s faithfulness and provision, making the time to write, my sweet dog