I am a Little Woman

by melissakiefer

I feel like Jo March in Little Women. A writer. A teacher. A dreamer. Terribly too much imagination. A needer of sisters and wild adventures. A need to run through the woods in a white dress with a fistful of wildflowers.  I, too, as the professor noticed, always have ink on my hands. Always a little undone, a little imperfect. Soot on my dress. The wrong hairstyle for the time.  
Jo to Marmee:
I’m ugly and awkward and I always say the wrong things….I love our home, but I’m just so fitful and I can’t stand being here…There’s just something really wrong with me. I want to change, but I—I can’t. And I just know I’ll never fit in anywhere.
I, too, needed to leave home in order to find out how precious it was.  And I know now, too, that the line, “Nothing’s going to change, Jo” is a lie. It all changes. It all changes, and I should have been a great many things.