"Tell your story. Tell it on your bruised knees if you must, tell it at the risk of madness, scream it at the top of your lungs." –Andrew Lam

Month: July, 2012

the one where i talk to my dead grandma


Currents and Joys

JOY DARE: bartering for food/services, giggles, places with potential, being in the lives of new kids…teaching them one-on-one, rustic weddings, Italian sweet cream coffee creamer, cameos, bobby pins, flower arranging, 4H fairs, iconic looks (and learning to find my own), when josh does the dishes, Reading a magazine while jovie sits as close as possible to me…which means halfway on my lap and sneaking puppy kisses on my face. Fried chicken. Husband compliments and sweet *time.* Drawing contests, Friday night ice cream, hearing “I’m proud of you.” creating all day long, piglets and calves, improvement, peaches and fresh picked blueberries, dried lavender bunches, homemade lavender essential oil spray, at the end of the day when i get to water all of the plants (so peaceful), allowing myself to create….allowing myself to mess up, re-do, and simply begin


Favorite Flowers this week: blue and purple ombre flower arrangements, purple heather, dahlias, bittersweet, wheat, peach and yellow and pink roses

Cooking/baking: chocolate peanut butter balls, hashbrown casserole

Craving: Olive Garden’s peach bellini tea, Taco Tierra’s everything….as far as tacos/nachos…nothing compares…BUT Sully’s Kitchen does have similar ice. Thank goodness. This is a big deal.

Enjoying: making new friends through church and flower shop, people I work with etc., tea with my husband on The Cove’s balcony at Apple Canyon Lake, my a-mazing package from favorite awesome former students Bridget and JT. I FLIPPED OUT. They know me so well. I flippin’ LOVE these two. (photos with my reactions to come). Every single little thing brought the biggest smile to my face: mustache straws, a journal, their own writing, quotes and verses, bubbles and stickers, memories, a rap performance, pictures, and more!!  Ohmylands. You guys still remember me? You made me feel So. Special.

Looking forward to: my sister’s visit, my niece’s arrival (and finding out what her name will be!), putting together an awesome back-to-school care package for Bridget and J.T, seeing Stockton Floral and Gifts thrive, watching my Le-Win speechies kick butt, the next time Josh and I have the same day off (I don’t even know when that is), tomorrow night’s pork chop dinner at the fair (I’ll report back to see how it compares to Pork Day, USA), and Sunday (always look forward to Sundays)

Wanting to catch up with: Kathy, Drew, Court, Lyss, Erin, Jennifer R., Sara, Elle, Nick, Em Howard….and any of my other old students (always. Of course!)  

Really liking: got2b powdery (hair volume magic!), 20% discounts, nautical style, Mrs. Meyer’s lavender laundry soap   

Creating: wreaths, floral arrangements (in a shoe, in a bird cage, in milk crate, in a vase, in anything!). Wanna be a dear and like our facebook page at Stockton Floral and Gifts? J

Wanting: one piece retro swimsuit, Savvy Scavengers’ scarves, an Apple Canyon excursion, moccasins, L’Oreal caramel comfort color riche balm, turquoise necklace, and autumn. I’m yearning for all things autumn.

Needing: trust, a proverbs 31 heart, more prayer time, writing inspiration, evening walks, card writing (snail mail), to fix and cross off and add to bucket list, Oregon Soap Shoppe soap (I finally discovered my favorite kind, and now I’m freaking out because I’m out of lavender goat milk and honey! Whatever shall I do?)

Ideas: private and group Language Arts tutoring (and possibly joining forces with my lovely friend who is an experienced math/reading tutor), flowers in little boy boots, wreaths in school colors, possibly singing something with the girls from church when my parents visit?  

Listening: K-Love, Tristan Prettyman, Indigo Girls, Jason Mraz, Pandora

Wearing: Anne Made flower headbands, messy side braids, my nude strappy savvy sandals (such a summer staple), and I’m SO ready for fall fashion (boots, leggings, sweaters, rich colors, ahh)

Eating: Mcdonalds’ fruit and maple oatmeal, Stella’s southwest salad, Stella’s soups

Drinking: coffee, glass bottle coca-cola (I love it, it’s a treat…I rarely allow myself to drink soda), and I want to try freezing lemonade in ice cube trays to put in tea. Because I love me some sweet southern lemon tea.

Watching: So You Think You Can Dance (this show leaves me breathless sometimes) and The Bachelorette (I bet she picks Arie, but I’m rooting for Jef)

Essie nail polish wish list colors: a crewed interest, ballet slippers, smokin’ hot, chinchilly

And this isn’t polish….but I’m very interested: http://www.nailglambykaren.jamberrynails.net/home/default.aspx check it out.

Goals/accountability: writing/sending out material, cook and freeze meals, memorize prov. 31, journal for a bit every night, tailor tutoring to kids’ specific needs,   

Revelations: life can be quite satisfying, not feeling stressed feels amazing, life’s just not about money (still trying to convince someone about that one), baking soda +vinegar cleans my old scummy shower and rust spots off of my counter, my grandma reminds me of Abigail in the Bible.

 My Grandma Knackmuhs would have loved being around flowers all day. I feel closer to her lately. I want her to know that I understand. I want her to know that I try to make beautiful things to honor her. She’s with me. We’ve always had this connection thing. ❤    

the one where i write about belly dancing knitters


what moves YOU?

the one where i was a guest blogger

I think a girl getting her period, especially for the first time, is a spiritual experience. a little wacky, huh? i know. but the events in my life have always made me believe so. this post was inspired by one of my favorite books, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. ever since i’ve read it a few years ago, i’ve been interested in the strong symbolism of blood. today my piece, Virgin Faith, is featured on one of my very favorite blogs, The Underground Micaela. I fell in love with her blog the moment i understood what her blog title was all about. Micaela is indeed authentic: not false or copied; genuine; real. And that is what i aim to be, too. Thanks so much for taking the risk to share this piece with your readers. i hope *my* readers check out the rest of her blog, comment, subscribe, admire her blog as much as i do, and join us in the pursuit of authenticity.     http://theundergroundmicaela.com/2012/07/04/virgin-faith/

the one where i feel all tangled and compare myself to kelly canter from Country Strong


Thanks for reading!

Joy Dare/Currently…

Joy Dare: worthwhile chats, amazing timing that is undeniably the work of God. Opportunities that are undeniably the work of God, little boys who randomly talk to me at the pool about books, George Washington hairstyles, hula hoops, beautiful views, water balloon tosses, husband/wife notes, blankets and air conditioning on the living room floor, the sweet owners of the store At Home in Galena, splashing in water, the love and resilience of my aunt and cousins    


Really liking: burt’s bees ultra-conditioning lip balm with kokum butter, Infusium shampoo and conditioner, my yellow and white lattice Anne Made clutch, goatmilk and honey lavender soap, pink Sharpies 
Listening:  What Do I Know of Holy Addison Road, If You Want Me To Ginny Owens, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing (Tracy Simmon’s version), Be Thou My Vision, Beautiful Shore Jeremy Yowell
Watching: The Bachelorette, Dance Moms, Duck Dynasty (with Josh, of course)

Wearing: aviators, my new necklace from Savvy Scavengers, Lash Love mascara and brow and lash building serum (need a mary kay consultant? Mine is the lovely Gracie Bell), essie nail polish in sand tropez
Wanting: a big map of Maine, Kelly Rae Roberts’ pieces for my attic, some artwork by Emily Howard, Cynthia Francis, Alyssa Case, and Jessica Knackmuhs, a nice camera, some clarity and direction
Reading: Le-Win speeches (soo many speeches), The Wishing Window Well by former local Aubrey (Crist) Fogle, Proverbs 31 sunday school material  
Wanting to read: Nora Ephron books. all of them.

Needing: a new pocket calendar that includes 2013, groceries (i’m out of everything)

Looking forward to: Stockton Floral and Gifts and other new Stockton shops (cool stuff is comin’ to town!), visiting the other state parks in the area, autumn (ahh)  

 Craving: goodies from The Sweet Spot

 Discovering: Pandora Internet Radio. Just now? I know. i’m so behind the times. and it is incredibly awesome.
Ideas: terra cotta pots with herbs lined in a row, painting keys with nail polish so I can tell them apart, key chain with my dog’s picture and name

Creating: my pinterest shutter project, pretty jewelry displays from old frames, Blueberry Buckle

Shout-out: Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful sister!