by melissakiefer

Wanting: toms and sperrys (hmm, I must be missing my Memorial kids), a retro one-piece swimsuit, a new couch cover, big comfy chair for attic, camera, to redecorate the living room  

Really liking: the beauty of Lake Michigan, girl roadtrips, marinas+ unique boat names, when Josh doesn’t have to work for several days and gets that scruffy look, making new friends, awesome old ones, fire pit nights 

Disliking: restaurants that don’t know how to fix steaks and charge extra for iced tea refills, cold rain and wind while fishing, peeing in bushes, when you think you’ve caught a record-breaking smallmouth but it’s just a buffalo fish, when my lasagna doesn’t turn out exactly like grandma mabel’s, rudeness, bars that don’t automatically play country music, leaving jovie
Listening to: Pontoon (Little Big Town), Somethin’ Bout a Truck (Kip Moore), You Still Got It (Darryl Worley), life lessons from Lyss, Kaiser and Kollin preciously talking to their sweet mama
Found: shutter for pinterest project, chalkboard for love notes, pink sharpies, awesome Galena shops that I usually pass right over    
Drinking: homemade frappes from leftover coffee (smart and frugal, eh?)
Eating: fried fish and all the fixins, huge breakfasts, watermelon, Mackinac Fudge ice cream cones  
Reading: Praise the Human Season, Poets and Writers magazine, Kelle Hampton’s blog (always)
Wanting to read: a published book by K Lyn!
Revelations: I can’t control others; I can control what I do and how I act
Wearing: savvy scavengers’ dresses, my red Okeechobee sweatshirt, new cowboy hat, my red sunglasses, a sprinkling of freckles from the sun
Needing: new undies J TMI? I know. But I do.
Looking forward to: my favorite aunt and cousin’s visit in a few weeks, *M-A-M time*, our two year anniversary tomorrow+ the fact that Josh is off work for it, our three year anniversary trip to Maine next year, this weekend’s rodeo