by melissakiefer


Listening: Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol), This Year’s Love (David Gray), I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz). Josh got out his guitar and played/sang them for me. ❤ Also, A Thousand Years (Christina Perri)

 Eating: I’ve been making him breakfast when he’s home to eat it, so we’ve had a lot of pancakes and bacon on the griddle. Tonight we’re having crock pot Italian dressing deer roast (hmmm, I wonder where I got that from?), last summer’s sweet corn that we had put in freezer bags, green beans, and turnips from the farmers market.  

Reading: Stephen King’s On Writing, LA Family’s Life After College section, this lovely blog

Wanting to read: Gold by Chris Cleave

Really liking: HyVee stores, Mrs. Meyer’scleaning products, lavender, Baby Bee lotion, amazing handmade soaps, my Knock-Knock To-Do list pad

Disliking: snobby resorts, 50 Shades of Grey, empty fuel tanks  

Discovering: tiny raspberries and grapes starting to appear on the bushes/vines in my yard!

Looking forward to: church tomorrow, flower picking, Kyle and Lyss’ visit

Watching: Bunheads, So You Think You Can Dance, Cupcake Wars

Drinking: water with fresh lemon slices, coffee with Irish cream

Wearing: my new camo summer pj’s from Cabelas, easy summer dresses, my hair in choppy layers

Wanting: a chalkboard to write husband/wife messages or chalkboard paint to make my own, a fancy camera, new (decorative) cowboy boots, to transform the attic into a studio, a night around the fire pit, horseback riding lessons, to pay off my school loans, a trip to Maine    

Needing: to clear the basement clutter (and wash a mountain of laundry), more time with my husband, a job that fits me in a place where I can make a difference, writing inspiration, a sister visit, for my cousin Evan to be healed and healthy