"Tell your story. Tell it on your bruised knees if you must, tell it at the risk of madness, scream it at the top of your lungs." –Andrew Lam

Month: June, 2012

the one where i compare marriage to coffee


Click on the link above for my latest LA Family article. Feel free to share any advice about how to keep marriage sweet, hot, and steamy. 🙂


Wanting: toms and sperrys (hmm, I must be missing my Memorial kids), a retro one-piece swimsuit, a new couch cover, big comfy chair for attic, camera, to redecorate the living room  

Really liking: the beauty of Lake Michigan, girl roadtrips, marinas+ unique boat names, when Josh doesn’t have to work for several days and gets that scruffy look, making new friends, awesome old ones, fire pit nights 

Disliking: restaurants that don’t know how to fix steaks and charge extra for iced tea refills, cold rain and wind while fishing, peeing in bushes, when you think you’ve caught a record-breaking smallmouth but it’s just a buffalo fish, when my lasagna doesn’t turn out exactly like grandma mabel’s, rudeness, bars that don’t automatically play country music, leaving jovie
Listening to: Pontoon (Little Big Town), Somethin’ Bout a Truck (Kip Moore), You Still Got It (Darryl Worley), life lessons from Lyss, Kaiser and Kollin preciously talking to their sweet mama
Found: shutter for pinterest project, chalkboard for love notes, pink sharpies, awesome Galena shops that I usually pass right over    
Drinking: homemade frappes from leftover coffee (smart and frugal, eh?)
Eating: fried fish and all the fixins, huge breakfasts, watermelon, Mackinac Fudge ice cream cones  
Reading: Praise the Human Season, Poets and Writers magazine, Kelle Hampton’s blog (always) http://www.kellehampton.com
Wanting to read: a published book by K Lyn!
Revelations: I can’t control others; I can control what I do and how I act
Wearing: savvy scavengers’ dresses, my red Okeechobee sweatshirt, new cowboy hat, my red sunglasses, a sprinkling of freckles from the sun
Needing: new undies J TMI? I know. But I do.
Looking forward to: my favorite aunt and cousin’s visit in a few weeks, *M-A-M time*, our two year anniversary tomorrow+ the fact that Josh is off work for it, our three year anniversary trip to Maine next year, this weekend’s rodeo


256. when he reads to me

257.Browsing antique stores
258. finding the motivation and inspiration to do the projects/pursue the dreams that have always been mulling in our minds
259. make-believe baby names
260. housewarming gifts
261. four people at the breakfast table
262. rocking out in the kitchen
263. understandings that don’t need to be explained
264. mowing
265. raspberry picking
266. tackle shops
267. floppy hats
268. new ideas for new speeches
269. the way it feels when ideas are on fire
270. watching her dream and create and plan and rediscover

the one where i "just know"


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"Where? Down in my heart!" 237- 255

237. all-ages whiffle ball game
238. eating a hot dog under a white tent
239.  bluegrass on the porch
240. policeman visits (my policeman)
241. swimming invitations
242. fruit
243.  the clarity of knowing at least who I am not and what I am not supposed to do. and the hopeful waiting that who I am and what I am supposed to do will be revealed
244. sunglasses at night
245. sweet introductions
246. Sunday journal buddies
247. new Sunday school material
248. standing in my kitchen flipping pancakes
249. forgetting the world now and then
250. wild blue Wisconsin flowers by the roadside
251. cards and crafts from our favorite six-year-old
252. love reminders
253. the love that wilt not let me go
254. new friends who thoughtfully ask me to come along for the ride
255. slow steady rain 



Listening: Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol), This Year’s Love (David Gray), I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz). Josh got out his guitar and played/sang them for me. ❤ Also, A Thousand Years (Christina Perri)

 Eating: I’ve been making him breakfast when he’s home to eat it, so we’ve had a lot of pancakes and bacon on the griddle. Tonight we’re having crock pot Italian dressing deer roast (hmmm, I wonder where I got that from?), last summer’s sweet corn that we had put in freezer bags, green beans, and turnips from the farmers market.  

Reading: Stephen King’s On Writing, LA Family’s Life After College section, this lovely blog

Wanting to read: Gold by Chris Cleave

Really liking: HyVee stores, Mrs. Meyer’scleaning products, lavender, Baby Bee lotion, amazing handmade soaps, my Knock-Knock To-Do list pad

Disliking: snobby resorts, 50 Shades of Grey, empty fuel tanks  

Discovering: tiny raspberries and grapes starting to appear on the bushes/vines in my yard!

Looking forward to: church tomorrow, flower picking, Kyle and Lyss’ visit

Watching: Bunheads, So You Think You Can Dance, Cupcake Wars

Drinking: water with fresh lemon slices, coffee with Irish cream

Wearing: my new camo summer pj’s from Cabelas, easy summer dresses, my hair in choppy layers

Wanting: a chalkboard to write husband/wife messages or chalkboard paint to make my own, a fancy camera, new (decorative) cowboy boots, to transform the attic into a studio, a night around the fire pit, horseback riding lessons, to pay off my school loans, a trip to Maine    

Needing: to clear the basement clutter (and wash a mountain of laundry), more time with my husband, a job that fits me in a place where I can make a difference, writing inspiration, a sister visit, for my cousin Evan to be healed and healthy

Words from Woodbine

I live in a village called Woodbine. A dear friend thinks the name would make a great title for one of the novels I dream of writing.  Woodbine consists of about eighteen houses, three odd antique shops, and a neighbor who chops wood daily and owns a penned up Saint Bernard, a turkey in his shed, and some chickens.

We also boast bee keepers, a shade tree mechanic, farmers, and piano composers. We have Belted Galloway cows, a mean German shepherd who terrorizes my puppy, an abundance of rhubarb plants, a Christ-filled church, and a Pepsi machine. In my backyard, there is a championship golf course and a clubhouse. Yes, in my backyard. Yes, in the little village.

This morning I put on my shoes; I needed a transfer of energy– more movement in my body and more stillness in my mind. I walked the golf cart path on the course for the first time. I simply followed the pavement without having to think. So easy. No choosing. No hesitation. No questions. Oh, how I’ve complicated the paths by wondering and wandering. My prayers have been simple lately. ‘Thank you, thank you. Help me, help me. Lead me. Lead me.”
Lead me.  

the one where i write about rehab


have you ever had an intervention? do you need one right now? click on the link above. Also, on the LA Family site, feel free to share any stress relief techniques that work for you!

the one where i write about going home. and coming back.

click on the link, ya’ll. Wide Open Spaces:

169-236 i hope you dance….wildly, joyfully, undignified

169. how he mows the hard parts for me in the yard (steep hills, around the obstacles, etc.). teamwork.
170. wet chapstick kisses
171. the way he looks in that uniform. sigh.
172. quick trips in the truck
173. the way stella’s knows my usual– veggie omelet, wheat toast instead of hash browns, lots of coffee (and i get the coffee as soon as i sit down).
174. frappes from e-town coffee (maybe i like them a little too much).

175. friends of all ages; bonds with all ages ❤
176. my kids i subbed nearly knocking me over in a group hug at the ballpark.
177.  1$ ice cream and nineteen flavors to choose from
178. the fact that the northern townspeople don’t look like strangers anymore
179. funny faces

180. rain. and sun.
181. farmers markets
182. toddler in a store who ran over to me, reached up her hands and said, “up.” so i picked her up. because what else was there to do? i have no idea who she was, but she was darling.
183. finding things to be thankful for whether i’m with josh or just by myself or with a whole group of people. starting to feel comfortable in all of those different scenarios and knowing i need a balance of all of them.
184. call from a speech coach (and the sweet woman who passed my name along to him!) so excited to be involved with speech again.
185. blaring carrie underwood in my car.
186. when girls from church don’t let me sit alone in the back all by myself.
187. chilly night wrapped in blankets around firepit with friends. i. felt. so. cozy.
188. i want this simple testimony (like enoch had) for my own life: that i pleased God.
189. heart stirrings
190. cowboy boots

191. kid grins

192. Tate’s bridge, old memories
193. the Case sister-in-laws. i may not be a Case, but they definitely make me feel like a sister. and i adore them.

194. seeing a lightness, a peace, and a joy in a dear friend.
195. wedding vows and reception speeches.
196. sitting on his lap
197. the loving questions my nephews ask.
198. Jovie and Josh playing basketball. jovie went nuts.
199. “Aunt Melissa, will you scratch my back? I don’t care that I’m eleven.”
200. goodbye hugs that turn into 3 and 4 and 5
201. when grandpa Earnie calls me Missy
202. big blue bows, white dresses, tiny pearl bracelets

203. yellow
204. encouragement that makes me believe (from the beautiful kristi glover).
205. my sister-in-law’s baby belly (!). my first niece is coming in a few months! i’m already in love with her. and yes, i’ve already bought her outfits.
206. clever sweet children’s books
207. my big and tough brother-in-law who wants pink and frills and bows int he hair of his first baby girl.
208.my sister’s determination during therapy to get her knee back in shape. she’s kickin’ butt.
209. double dates.
210. long front porches
211. pork chops
212. vibrant green–the way the leaves canopy the backroads.
213. four wheelers, jeeps, go-karts

214. “i’ll stand before the Lord of song with nothing on my tongue but hallelujah.” that song and especially that line gives me chills. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooZonYCkz-Q
215. story tellers. even when they are stories i’ve heard many times before.
216. taking our dog down south with us.

217. a very well-behaved jovie at the vet!
218. sonic cherry limeades (it’s like summer in a cup)
219. book in my lap, dog at my feet
220. the sound of a waterfall

221. lightening bugs
222.  hearing “you look good, well-rested, refreshed” and more importantly, feeling well
223. lemon bars and cherry pie
224. the exotic landscaping and relaxing world-of-its-own oasis tucked away in bone gap, IL
225. lake passes
226. sneaky ear piercing shenanigans in church bathrooms

227. a one-year-old’s face smeared with chocolate cake

228.  sweet peas
229. country chic shindigs
230. watermelon
231. tennis championships
232. artsy photography http://alishasims.com/ check out her site! you’ll be enchanted. i’m super impressed by her creativity.
233. the south
234. sisters

235. the way home is just in us…and reawakened often
236. dancing with joy. with wild abandon. “i will dance, i will sing…nothing, Lord, is hindering this passion in my soul…and i’ll become even more undignified than this.”