The one where I reveal a deep dark secret and invite you to quit pretending, too

by melissakiefer

Hi loves, my second article is up on La Family. The opportunity to write a few articles for this magazine came at the perfect time for me. We moved. I’m not currently teaching. My dream is to write (anything, any way, in any capacity).  Then I received a big ol’ godwink. The La Family editor found this little blog and something on it caught his eye. I’m still not sure why or what it was. But I know I’m thankful I took a risk and created On Bruised Knees in November when Josh was in the academy and I was lonely and failing and rejection letters and emails kept. coming. Sometimes, you have to say screw it. and create art for art’s sake. and write for writing’s sake. And take the risk to put it out there and share with others. so do it. and own it. whatever it is that makes you come alive. whatcha waitin’ for?  

This magazine writing opportunity was one of the blessings that kept me from unravelling. As you know, I believe in writing the gritty, bruised-knees truth. Tired of pretending, I revealed a secret in my latest article. But I guess for all of my faithful blog readers, my weirdness and struggles aren’t really secrets anymore. Read it anyway? Comment, vote, tweet it, share it? . Let me know if you ever feel the way I feel? The more feedback and confessions and exposure the article gets, the better chance I have to keep. writing. But what I really want? I want to connect with you. I want you to share. It’s scary. But it feels. so. good. Join me in a quest to stop pretending. to keep learning. to take risks.

here’s the link: