This Kind of Love

by melissakiefer

             I am humbled by the beautiful submission of the woman at Bethany in Mark 14:3-9. I imagine that her jar of oil was her most precious possession. She was saving it, treasuring it.  I believe the jar held her hopes, her desires, her needs, her dreams, her future, her everything.

 She broke her jar. The costly oil poured. She was all in, fully committed; she understood her life was not her own anymore. She laid down her past, her present, and her future. In fact, she anointed her Jesus’ head and washed his feet with this precious gift. She had no basin, no water, no towel, but like a good and resourceful woman, she used what she had. She used her hair, what was thought of as the most glorious part of a woman, to wash and dry the dirtiest part—the feet of a man.   
                Nothing is weak about submission; submission to your Savior and to your husband in marriage takes strength and so much courage. It means trusting, serving, sacrificing, and loving enough to give your life, your dreams, your hopes, your future, and your everything…to another. Like dirty feet, sometimes marriage is messy. And you’ll feel like you are pouring, washing, scrubbing—to clean it, to shine it, to bless it, to make it work.  Remember the promise. Remember as the scent of the costly perfume still lingers in your hair that this kind of love leaves a fulfilling and lasting legacy. This kind of love is everything.